NOTE: Make the final changes on your Memoir Mapping project by this week or at latest the next. Consider revisions that you would like to apply to bring the assignment up to your expectations. Also, take into consideration applicable comments and suggestions from the participants in the critique last week. Resubmit to your Google folder and I will grade you on improvement.  Use the naming conventions required and add version 2 at the end.
I have updated the Student Showcase. Please let me know if anything is missing.

(See homework assignment below)

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Week 5 – Peer to Peer: Bridge #2 (due 9/28)

Please read and follow all instructions below

The written interview in Seminar will influence the exchange of media study in Studio. You can choose an art form such as painting, digital, built material, photography, drawing in ink and react as well as add-on to each other’s work to create a composite portrait. You can create two images or merge two images into one. You can also integrate a voice over or use written text from the interview Seminar project.
Examples of content could include, similarities, dissimulation, likes, dislikes, cultural differences (such as language, traditional clothing or food), cultural cross-overs. 

1. Begin the Composite Portrait planning,  2. post your LP, 3. create your series of Dream Sketches, 4. Visit the Met.
 (details below)

1. Work with your assigned partner(s) to come up with a concept and material usage for your composite portrait. The final will be manipulated in Photoshop. 

2. Complete your Learning Portfolio post. Please do so before our next class. I will check for your Learning Portfolio post on Thursday, 9/27. This is the last step of your project and an important part of your grade. The questions are listed under the assignment name on the bottom of the Learning Portfolio blog page. Please answer them along with posting as much of the steps of your process as possible.
3. Go on your own to the Metropolitan Museum to see the “African American Portraits-1940s-50s”  exhibition. Location: Fifth Ave. at 81-82nd (second floor)
Trains: take the 4,5, or 6 trains to 86th (see the link to the Metropolitan Museum website on the right for open hours). Show your id if asked and pay any price you choose.
WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT: To give focus, please answer the questions in your sketchbook and bring them to class along with your entry ticket placed inside.
Choose one or more “pairs” of models in a photo from the show as a focus and answer the questions below.

  • What did you learn about appearance and identity? (site specific photographs)
  • What can you observe about culture and identity?
  • What aspects are lacking and unusual about the content and depictions in the exhibition?
  • What “feelings” did you leave with?

4. Complete 5-7 “continuous line” drawings in your Dream Sketchbook. Examples and definition are here on top of the Sketchbooks Page. Create a “stream of continuous” expressed through the technique of drawing. 

1. Bring in your Seminar interview writing,
and additional references

2.  Sketchbook (reflection on the museum questions and continual line dream drawings)
3. Making materials such as painting, drawing, photos, collage, fabric or other building materials.
3. Laptop with CC Photoshop installed. You will start composing in Adobe Photoshop this Friday. (Please don’t forget to have your batteries fully charged.)

I am available via email or a one-on-one office meeting.

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mandala map_alaiyo bradshaw_is_f_18

mandala map

Please note that you can print on several surfaces such as fabric, wood, transparent papers in the Design Lab. They are located on the 10th floor of 2 W. 13th St. You will need to bring your own printing surface. They will not use your printing points. Speak to the techs in the Design Lab about what they will accept before purchasing printing supplies.
(review the homework post below)

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cartography example

Finish and bring all parts of the project for the FINAL CRITIQUE 

Homework Assignment:
1. Have Illustrator/mixed media images as finished as possible.
2. Complete the Illustrator portion of your mapping project and print it out for homework before class.
3. Prepare your five-minute presentation. Note the focuses such as the use of symbols, words, line, and color (specific meaning), material usage/choices, connections to your Studio Memoir project, your definition of mapping, the project’s connection to the purpose of “memoir.”  Know all the tools and methods utilized as you created the portions of your project in Illustrator.
4. Save your file in your Drive folder as time map_your
If applicable, you can also scan your mixed media_your name_is_f19.jpg and place that in the drive folder. (A link to your folder was sent to you via email.)

1.Your computer with documents and any photos you may have used for reference.
You will need it to complete your Learning Portfolio post during class as well.
2. Your sketchbook with drawings for the project.
3. 11×17″ print out of the time map project made in Illustrator
4. The mixed media version made by hand or with other digital components.
5. Related objects, and working materials (paints, etc.)
**You will use these items to show and talk about during the crit. The more you have, the better your presentation. The art should speak for itself before your verbal performance.

1. The definition of the memoir is often a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge or unique sources.
2.  Class Lectures lower portion of the page related to our mapping project
Excerpts from “Words as Material” by Nicole Fenton and portion under 1-memory-lane-what-rings-a-bell1.jpg
3. The prior posts for weeks 2 and 3 below.

During Class: The first hour of class will be dedicated to putting the final corrections on the assignment. (The project should be printed out ahead of time and ready for the start of class. Corrections can be made and resubmitted via the Drive folder.) The project will need to be finished in class by 10:00 am when the critique begins.
PROJECT CRIT-not to miss or you will fail the project

If you have questions or want me to review the work in progress for feedback, please email me and include a photo of your project.

I look forward to seeing the finals!

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Week 3 – Memoir: Bridge #1, continued (Friday, 9/14)

Please finalize 1/3 of your time map project before coming to class. Review the project process, what to bring to class, and reference handouts and tutorial videos for Illustrator techniques below.

Review the Q and A link for answers to questions posed to me on the first day.

1. Take one of the seven thumbnail drawings you created in your sketchbook and complete it in a more finalized state.
2. Create a drawing to scale. The final output size will be 11″x17″. If you create the drawing half the size, it should be 5.5″x8.5″. The image can be vertical or horizontal.
3., Work on the drawing, photographs, mixed media, etc. as much as you like before bringing it into Illustrator to continue working on it. (or you can work on the print out after applying Illustrator.)
4. Scan the drawing and save it as a 300 dpi jpg in your project folder.
5. Use the instructional handout I gave you in class when you were working on the Illustrator practice project. Apply the appropriate steps to your final project.
6. Create an 11″x17″ document in Illustrator. “Place” the drawing as I showed you in class. 
At this point, if you have created 1/3 of the project you can leave the rest to work on in class. No matter what, you shouldn’t go too far with the project. Leave 2/3 for later. You can work on the Illustrator portion during class.

1.Sketchbook and making materials
2. Bring in personal photos and/or objects you will be working from during class.
3. Laptop with CC Illustrator installed

1.Tutorial Handouts on using Illustrator. For example, there is one on drawing buildings with shapes, lines, and colors at the bottom of the page. See #6.
2. Tutorial Videos on using Illustrator.

(For clarity and feedback please feel free to email me before class.)

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Week 2 – Memoir: Bridge #1 (Friday, 9/7)

Please read and follow all instructions below

Assignment Example
Make a time map which takes you from home to New York City/Parsons and where you hope to go in the future.
Think about the place you wrote about from your hometown in Seminar and make an image of that as a location on your map. Think about a place you identify with now and another that you see yourself in the future and represent them visually.
What does the path or journey look like? What do you show us as you take us from place to place? How do you take us from place to place?
The final size will be 11″x17″.

(SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENT)  The sketchbook which came in your First Year Materials Kit is the small black book with blank pages. Canson 180 Degree Hardbound Sketchbook, 80 sheets, size = 8.3″x11.7″. You can work in this one or another of your choice.

1. *Please send me an image of your past work via email 
I will post your examples under “Past Student Work.“
2. Complete seven thumbnail drawings in your sketchbook Examples and definition are here on top of the Class Lectures Page. The images you create are your preliminary notes and visuals from which to chose your final composition. Note that thumbnail drawings are not tight and accurate. You are in the brainstorming stage at this point. You can use pencils, pens, color pencils, markers, etc. I will review the drawings at the start of class and we will make choices for your next stage together.

1.Sketchbook and drawing materials
2. Bring in personal photos and/or objects you will be working from during class
For example, photos of the people, places, things you will use as references. Objects that have personal, cultural, religious, literary, philosophical, psychological and or political references in the form of jewelry, ornaments, a family heirloom.
3. Laptop with CC Illustrator installed. You will start drawing in Adobe Illustrator this Friday. (Please don’t forget to have your batteries fully charged. There are not many plugs in the room. Also, you will be working for several hours and will not want your battery to die.)

The link to the assignment related images shown during our last class and much more can be found in Class Lectures.
Examples of thumbnails are followed by a post regarding the definition of mapping, data, and visual marks, abstraction, and categories, symbols, and representation, non-traditional maps, visual variables, and color.

(Please email me whenever you need)

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Welcome to our Integrative Studio 1: Memory blog!

USING THIS BLOG WEEKLY IS A REQUIRED TEACHING TOOL FOR STUDENTS TO HAVE AS PART OF THEIR PREPARATION AND GRADE. This blog is to keep you posted on all of your assignments, relevant announcements, examples of work, demonstrations, class lectures and more. Please check it twice a week for your reference. (The first posts for the week will be on Sunday and the second post with additional information will occur by Wednesday.) Samples of work for assignments, lecture slides, reference, and the handouts are posted before the projects begin. The student showcase of chosen class work will be updated regularly. Always check the blog before coming to class and print/bring handouts. You will see the due dates indicated in each post.

Email me as often as you need to for questions and

PLEASE LOOK AT ALL POSTS FOR HOMEWORK REQUIREMENTS, MATERIALS TO BRING NEXT CLASS, AND REFERENCE FOR YOUR PROJECTS. Also, study the vocabulary, and handouts for current assignments and review the grading link above for criteria.


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