Week 15 – Research: Bridge #4, Final Presentation & Exhibition (Friday, 12-14)

The invite is posted on Parsons Noteshttps://parsons.edu/undergrad/first-year-student-exhibition-context-and-interpretation-hazards-disasters-and-vulnerabilities/
social media: https://instagram.com/p/BrN7kk7FhUN/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/223620478550089/

THE OPENING WILL BE ON FRIDAY, 12/14/18, FROM 12-2:40, during our class timeThe gallery will stay open until 6:00 pm. You will have to tell faculty, students, friends, and family to stop by.
LOCATION: Space 776,  229 Central Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
TRAINS: Take the M train to Central or the L train to Dekalb (further walk)
Refreshments will be served. It will be a fun event!!
The show will remain up until Friday, 12/21/18

Homework Assignments:
Finish your final project, wall label, Learning Portfolio post, and sketchbook assignments. 

DUE THURSDAY NIGHT, December 13, by 10:00 pm for review
1. You will have to complete your FINAL PROJECT Learning Portfolio Post by Thursday. Remember the Learning Portfolio post will be projected/shown as a part of your final project presentation on Friday. This is an essential part of your grade. The questions are listed under the assignment name on the bottom of the Learning Portfolio blog page. Please answer them along with posting as many of the steps of your process as possible. You will have to also submit the link to your LP on Canvas when you complete the post.

Due Friday, December 14
2. The final project
Note: In addition to your final presentation, your grade will revolve around the submission of your references in detail (on your typed proposal,) the digital version of your wall label (not just the hard copy,) and images of your making process. All will have to be updated and uploaded into your Final Project Drive folder. Please include old and new versions of the documents so that I can review your progress.

Reflect on and record your journey through the semester and your dreams and desires for moving ahead. Suggestion: Consider your experiences during your first semester at Parsons then imagine what you see in your future. (In the end, you will have 50 images in total from the semester) You can work in any medium. The images do not have to be drawings.
You will have to show me the sketchbooks one on one after your final project presentations.

TO BRING for presentation:
1Your final project
2. Sketchbook 

I will print out and mount the labels on foam core

We will have to meet promptly at 9:00am in the downstairs lobby of 2 W. 13th. We will travel together to Space 776 to be sure to start the presentations on time. 

As always, please email me with any questions.

I can’t wait to hear your Seminar presentations on Monday and see your Studio presentations on Friday!

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