Week 14 – Research: Bridge #4, continued (Friday, 12-7)

Professor Lanteri and I discussed how impressed we were with your questions and exchange with Denise and topics for your final projects. Denise reported how pleased she was to speak with you and view your successful projects.

Homework Assignments:
Move forward on the making of your project, review the slide lecture, complete a draft of your extended wall label, work on your sketchbook assignment. 

1. Continue working towards the completion of your project. It should show us how the work will appear upon completion. It does not have to be beyond 2/3 of the way done. It DOES have to show us most of the completion of the project.
2. Review the SLIDE LECTURE on “Writing Effective Art Exhibit Wall Labels” 
which shows examples, topics, do’s and don’ts, and facts about why visitors read wall text. Find it here on the top portion of the Class Lectures Page.
3. Create a typed Extended Wall Label (100 words or less in the body of the text) using this wall label_template document.
  The word count is shown in the bottom left corner of the MS Word document. (PRINT OUT THE LABEL FOR REVIEW)
You will find an examples of Extended Labels on the “Different Types of Interpretive Text” slide within the slide lecture.
4Update and add any written or making reference or digital document completed in the last week to the Drive folder I shared with you earlier in the semester and labeled with your first name. I will access the latest written version of your proposal and wall label to share with Professor Lanteri.
5. Between now and the last class Create 10-15 REFLECTION AND MOVING AHEAD SKETCHBOOK images  Reflect on and record your journey through the semester and your dreams and desires for moving ahead. Suggestion: Take experiences from home to NYC/Parsons to the projection of the future. (in the end, you will have 50 images in total from the semester) You can work in any medium. The images do not have to be drawn.

TO BRING for presentation:
1Sketchbook (Some not all of the 10-15 “Reflections and Moving Ahead” images and notes made any way you choose)
2. Your final project

You only need to bring your laptop if it is part of your presentation.

For the mini-crit and “lay of the land” practice set up, we will take a trip to Space 776 for emerging artistsLocated in Bushwick area of Brooklyn, NY. You will need to carry your final project with you.

During ClassStage your work for the mini-crit in curated areas of the space. It is a raw space. Right now, the visual art should communicate on its own.

If you have questions, please let me know.

I look forward to seeing the progress on your project!

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