Week 13 – Research: Bridge #4, continued (Friday, 11/30)

This is a long post. Please read it all.

Use Denise Robert’s article, class lectures, terminology, examples of case studies, on the Class Lectures page, visit to the Museum of the City of New York, the Earth Manual Project – This Could Save Your Life Parson’s exhibition, your research, experience, reference as inspiration for content in your final project. The project should include a focus on hazards, risks, disasters and/or resilience. Take the natural, environmental, and/or anthropogenic categories as the standpoints.  Use your passions to drive you.
When going through the making stages, please think about the portability, scale, materials, visibility on gallery white walls, positioning on 20″ stands or floor along with the written description of the project.

I shared your submitted project proposals with Professor Lanteri
 so that she could become familiar with your concepts, process, materials, methods, and research for the final Studio project.

You met a photographer by the name of Matt Whitman on Friday, who asked to take photos of you as you went through the Parsons gallery exhibition because he is documenting the week by week process of your final project. He will return each day of the last three classes to photograph our discussion with the writer of the article you read, your work in progress, visit and mini-crit in the gallery for your exhibition, final critique with guest critics in the gallery, installation, and show  in the gallery (with your permission.) The documentation, your final projects, gallery exhibition, and a write-up will appear on the FY Parsons Notes blog for FY for students, faculty, parents and other viewers to see. The interview of the writer and myself will include an excerpt from the back cover of the book, my illustrations for the book. The Parsons Notes article will feature your final projects. If you have not seen Parsons Notes, it is linked here for your review. Matt Whitman, a Professor for the Time class, is the creator and one of the developers of Parsons Notes.

Please complete 1/3 of your final project before coming to class on 11/30. Review the project process and what to bring to class.

1. Take one or more of the seven visuals you created in your sketchbook and complete them in a more finalized state.
2. Work in the size, materials, and methods of your choosing. Follow the proposal that you submitted for my records and the one-on-one discussion we had in class. 
3. Work on 1/3 of the drawing, photographs, 3d, mixed media, digital, etc. before bringing in the project in progress to work on during the next class.
4. Gather and apply your research to your project.
At the point at which you have created 1/3 of the project, you can leave the rest to work on in class. No matter what, you needn’t go too far with the project. Leave 2/3 for later. 

1. Sketchbook
2. Making materials that you will be working in during class

3. Laptop 
You will want to be well into the making process, not the beginning stages. 
Please have everything you need to make the most of the class time.

(If you need my help, clarity, feedback or assistance with getting your materials/supplies for your project, don’t hesitate to contact me.) 

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