Week 12 – Research: Bridge #4 (due 11/15 and 11/16)

Please read and follow all instructions below


In the fourth bridge project, students will work individually. This assignment will focus on producing research for the chosen topic within the given categories, prototyping and making. The inspirational reading will be Caribbean Vulnerabilities: Case Studies on Hazards, Risks, Disasters, and Building Resilience, Preface. 
The outcome can be based on your experiences through memories, interviews, research and interpretations of environmental or human disasters, hazards, risks and/or resilience. Choose your materials and methods from skills and techniques developed in any of your studio courses. The format can be in the form of a 3d object, poster, video, etc. Students will create vinyl lettering for the gallery window, a wall label and a gallery exhibition of the final projects. DUE December 14.

Due Thursday night, November 15 by 10:00 pm for review
1. Finalize your MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES Learning Portfolio Post for Seminar and Studio. This is the last step of your project and an essential part of your grade. The questions for Studio and Seminar are listed under the assignment name on the bottom of the Learning Portfolio blog page. Please answer them along with posting as many of the steps of your process as possible. Submit the link to the LP on Canvas when you complete the post.
2. As stated in class, I have invited Denise Roberts to be your guest on Friday. You will need to read her book introduction and complete the Seminar Talking Notes which will be assigned on Monday in class. This will give me enough time to select the questions which stand out for class discussions, and you will also have the chance to ask Denise questions directly, so please come prepared.

Due Friday, November 16
3. Brainstorm and create seven preliminary visuals. They can be sketches, digital, photos, inspiration boards, etc. Examples and definitions of the terminology (which lists several possible focuses for your project) are here on top of the Class Lectures Page.
4. Create a typed Proposal using this final-project_template-proposal document
5. Answer your reflection questions from the Museum of the City of New York trip
The questions are in the post below  (linked here)

1.Sketchbook and making materials
Anything you will use as references 

The link to the assignment related articles, terminology, and introduction shown during our last class can be found in Class Lectures.

(Please email me whenever you need)

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