Week 11 – Multiple Perspectives: Bridge #3 – FINAL PRESENTATION (due 11/9) Important to attend

Please read the post all the way through and follow the instructions below


Thank you for handing off your prototypes for my review. I have sent comments for each group via email. 
So far the hard work you put into each project is paying off quite well. I am sure the finals will be a great success!

1. Finalize, print, laser cut and bind the book project before
 coming to classThere will not be time for assembling during class.
2. Complete, scan, and save to your computer the sketches, drawings, paintings, photos, and digital images you used to create your project and place them in your GROUP drive folders. Please call your group folder The Urban Experience Book Project and send me a link by Thursday at 10:00pm for review.
name of media_urban book_Name of one person_is_f19.indd
Include scanned paintings, drawings, photos or other from each member of the group.
name of media_urban book_your name_is_f19.jpg
Include the latest version of your group observational written story or stories.
Please format and give the pdf. written version a title
title_urban book writing_Name of one person_is_f19.pdf
3. Create 7 COLOR DREAM SKETCHBOOK images  You can start a dream theme or continue with an idea related to dreams that you have started and will carry you through the semester. We will have a class exercise based on this series of your color images. You can work in any color medium you asked me about in class. The images do not have to be drawn. Some students proposed collage, mood boards, paint, found objects, color pencil. 

1.Your computer with digital documents, handmade art (original art before they were scanned), photos, and images you may have used as the reference. You can show changed versions of the images for the book that we may not have seen to show the process.
2. Your sketchbook with drawings and writing for the project.
 You can copy them out of your sketchbook (make sure they are scanned and not dark, grey photos) if you want to present them on the stand.

3. A book for each of the students in your group and one for the Professor.

During ClassStage your work for the presentation carefully on the model stand in the center of the roomThe visual art should communicate on its own with the verbal aspect acting as a support. The more you show, the better it will deliver. Divide the oral presentation between all of the project makers in the group. Your presentation will be 15 minutes in length followed by 3 minutes for questions and comments.

PROJECT CRITnot to miss or you will fail your portion of the project

If you have questions about this process, please let me know. If I have not made something clear, feel free to let me know. 

I look forward to the presentations!

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