Feedback after the 1/3 point into the project:
PROJECT FOCUSES AND CHALLENGES – multiple perspectives, The Urban Experience, observations and interpretations through the eye of the beholder, bringing collective voices, concepts, and materials and methods together to form a fluid story and series of images that work as a group in a book format.

Note: You are doing a great job capturing and creating images, making overlaps with your visual styles, and developing an overall concept!

Suggestion: When developing the observations that make up your visual story, think about your “multiple perspectives” as individuals in the group as well as the collective. How do you see the same setting and narrative in different ways? Is your story and series of images giving the “reader” your different points of view? Is your chosen NYC location understood?
For example, you were shown a diner scene from the movie Pulp Fiction in your Seminar course to help you prepare for your Through the Eyes of a Stranger assignment. When you watch more of the movie, you are returned to the same setting but see different takes on the diner interactions through the eyes of multiple characters.
In Pulp Fiction Tarantino is taking us through the lives of two mob hit-men, a boxer, a gangster’s wife, and a pair of diner bandits. He shows us how they intertwine in four tales of brutality and absolution.
This movie is a perfect example of different takes on the same story through different lenses and how they all come together.

Let me know if you want to create separate mini-zines that make up a series in your group. Someone presented this as a question.

More clarity and feedback will be given in class.
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