Week 9 – Bridge #3, continued (due 10/26)

Skate Zines

Skate zines from Thrasher Magazine

Here is the link to your Composite Portraits for Professor Lanteri to review

Your book or “zine” is an independently created publication. Self-publishing is the quickest method from idea to print. It also gives you the most control over content and appearance. Your content does not have to be digital. It can be made with collage, photography, photo transfer, drawing, painting, cutouts, etc. Reminder: the writing, if any, needs to be minimal. You will see your work in print, create a publication you always wished existed and share it with others. Through working together as a group, you will teach yourself something new.
Some zine examplesi-D Zines,  The 10 most wild and wonderful zines of 201610 brilliant indie zines

1. Make orientation and/or working appointments for the Laser Lab and Design Lab ahead of time.
2. Work with your group to create a good portion of the pages, front and back covers and InDesign layout aspects of your composite portrait. It should be 1/3 -1/2 complete. The goal is to have 2/3 of the overall project completed by the end of our next session.
3. Complete 5-7 drawings, collages, paintings, or photos in your Dream Sketchbook. Choose your own dream related content and way of working.

While creating your publication, if you are planning on making it out of folded pages or saddle stitch, you need to think in four-page segments. 4, 8, 16, etc.

You can use your one-minute book or mini zine you created in class to layout your pages. This blank paper mock-up is your thumbnail book. It will help you keep in mind the cover, back cover and inside multi-page format.
SIZE-the format shown in the Design Lab was for demonstration purposes and is too small for our project.
To set up your InDesign Document for a book when folded in half measures 8 1/2 x 11″ Use the following settings. In this case, your page before folded in half would measure 17″ wide by 11″ tall.
When creating your document, go to the Print window, choose Letter, use the naming conventions Urban Exp_your book title_is_f19.inddchange the units to inches to see the size, be sure to check facing pages, and create a 1/2 inch bleed.

An example of another preset template option in the print window is the Legal-Half. As you can see it would give you 7 x 8 1/2″ which is quite a bit smaller. The paper before folded in half would measure 14″ wide by 8 1/2″ tall.

You can also set up your own width and height by typing it in yourself.

As you work
Make sure everything you worked on is backed up in more than one location. An excellent place to store your work is in your folder on Google Drive. You can save and share at the same time.

1. Sketchbook (dream drawings)
2. Making materials such as painting, drawing, photos, collage, fabric or other materials you will use for the book.
3. Laptop

The top of the Class Lectures page.

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