Week 8 – Multiple Perspectives: Bridge #3 (due 10/19)


painted by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Please read and follow all instructions below

Location choices (pick one):
Grand Central, Time Square, Union Square, High Line, Canal Street, Coney Island, Central Park

Students go as a group to their one chosen NY location and create a book together forming different perspectives on the site, people and objects. Observe strangers, various parts of the area, and objects to write an eight-page (4 spreads) “story” about what you remember. The story will depend mainly on images. You can research the location as well. It can be a fiction story or based on facts. You should observe sights,  smells, sounds, etc. (for example someone in your group could visit an eatery.)  

Think about the overall purpose of your book. Is it therapeutic, entertaining, narrative, informative, imaginative, decorative? How can you create a fictitious story? Fun and entertaining? Spooky?
The final size of the book will be 8 1/2 x 11 inches. The due date is 11/9, week 11

You will be combining your exercise from class on Monday in Seminar with your book assignment as an influence.

1. Visit your chosen NY location, 2. Begin the Urban Experience planning,  3.  create your series of Dream Sketches, 4. Post to your LP (details below)

         TO DO:

  1. VISIT YOUR LOCATION and establish your roles in your group. Who will be the team leader? Each group had one form given to them with your names listed. Study the steps listed on the top of the sheet. Each student in the group should create seven drawings, photos, collages or a mood board to document your perspective. Brainstorm and be ready to present your ideas at the start of class. 
  2.  Create 7 DREAM SKETCHBOOK drawings of (suggestion) daydreams you have during the week. You can also choose another theme or continue with an idea that you have started and will carry you through the semester. 
  3. Finalize your COMPOSITE PORTRAIT Learning Portfolio Post started in the class by Thursday 10/18 at 10 pm, the night before class. This is the last step of your project and an essential part of your grade. The questions are listed under the assignment name on the bottom of the Learning Portfolio blog page. Please answer them along with posting as much of the steps of your process as possible. Submit the link to the LP on Canvas this time. That way I will know when it was completed.

    1. Sketchbook (Images and notes made from your location trip and dream drawings)
    2. Making materials such as painting, drawing, photos, collage, fabric or other materials you will use for the book.
    3. Laptop

    The benefits of working in a team and successful aspects of a team on the top of the Class Lectures page.

I am here for you if you need help. See you on Monday!

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