Week 6 – Peer to Peer: Bridge #2, continued (due 10/5)


Use the Proust Questionnaire, Seminar interview, Bianca Vivion’s article, other class readings, videos, exercises, and the Metropolitan Museum exhibition, as reference and inspiration for content in your Composite Portrait project. Consider gender, culture, class, and race as shaping forces for identity but also the question of representation and its own impact on identity.
Think about the use of text or voiceover. A portion of the project should also incorporate Photoshop manipulation.
The final size and format are of your choosing.


1. Work with your partner to create a good portion of the making and digital aspects of your composite portrait. It should be 1/3 -1/2 complete. The goal is to have 2/3 of the overall project completed by the end of our next session.
2. Complete 5-7 drawings, collages, paintings, or photos in your Dream Sketchbook. What time of day contributes to a better memory of your dreams? Record the information from each day of your week through image and text.
3. Make the final changes on your Memoir Mapping project by this week

1. Sketchbook
2. Making materials that you will be working in during class

3. Laptop with Photoshop CC installed
You will want to be well into the making process, not the beginning stages. Anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the project should be completed before class. Another 1/3 during class.

Have everything you need to make the most of the class time. Remember, the more you complete in class, the less you have to do for homework.

Photoshop techniques you learned in class:
Different selection tools (magnetic lasso, magic wand, quick select,) layer masks, using the brush tool to make corrections on the layer mask, scale by transforming, gradients, transparencies, adjustment layers, blends, layer styles, moving a layer with the layer mask into a different document.
The handout I gave to you in class for review.

The final project is due the following week.

(If you need my help or feedback don’t hesitate to contact me.)

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