Week 5 – Peer to Peer: Bridge #2 (due 9/28)

Please read and follow all instructions below

The written interview in Seminar will influence the exchange of media study in Studio. You can choose an art form such as painting, digital, built material, photography, drawing in ink and react as well as add-on to each other’s work to create a composite portrait. You can create two images or merge two images into one. You can also integrate a voice over or use written text from the interview Seminar project.
Examples of content could include, similarities, dissimulation, likes, dislikes, cultural differences (such as language, traditional clothing or food), cultural cross-overs. 

1. Begin the Composite Portrait planning,  2. post your LP, 3. create your series of Dream Sketches, 4. Visit the Met.
 (details below)

1. Work with your assigned partner(s) to come up with a concept and material usage for your composite portrait. The final will be manipulated in Photoshop. 

2. Complete your Learning Portfolio post. Please do so before our next class. I will check for your Learning Portfolio post on Thursday, 9/27. This is the last step of your project and an important part of your grade. The questions are listed under the assignment name on the bottom of the Learning Portfolio blog page. Please answer them along with posting as much of the steps of your process as possible.
3. Go on your own to the Metropolitan Museum to see the “African American Portraits-1940s-50s”  exhibition. Location: Fifth Ave. at 81-82nd (second floor)
Trains: take the 4,5, or 6 trains to 86th (see the link to the Metropolitan Museum website on the right for open hours). Show your id if asked and pay any price you choose.
WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT: To give focus, please answer the questions in your sketchbook and bring them to class along with your entry ticket placed inside.
Choose one or more “pairs” of models in a photo from the show as a focus and answer the questions below.

  • What did you learn about appearance and identity? (site specific photographs)
  • What can you observe about culture and identity?
  • What aspects are lacking and unusual about the content and depictions in the exhibition?
  • What “feelings” did you leave with?

4. Complete 5-7 “continuous line” drawings in your Dream Sketchbook. Examples and definition are here on top of the Sketchbooks Page. Create a “stream of continuous” expressed through the technique of drawing. 

1. Bring in your Seminar interview writing,
and additional references

2.  Sketchbook (reflection on the museum questions and continual line dream drawings)
3. Making materials such as painting, drawing, photos, collage, fabric or other building materials.
3. Laptop with CC Photoshop installed. You will start composing in Adobe Photoshop this Friday. (Please don’t forget to have your batteries fully charged.)

I am available via email or a one-on-one office meeting.

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