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Finish and bring all parts of the project for the FINAL CRITIQUE 

Homework Assignment:
1. Have Illustrator/mixed media images as finished as possible.
2. Complete the Illustrator portion of your mapping project and print it out for homework before class.
3. Prepare your five-minute presentation. Note the focuses such as the use of symbols, words, line, and color (specific meaning), material usage/choices, connections to your Studio Memoir project, your definition of mapping, the project’s connection to the purpose of “memoir.”  Know all the tools and methods utilized as you created the portions of your project in Illustrator.
4. Save your file in your Drive folder as time map_your name_is_f19.ai
If applicable, you can also scan your mixed media_your name_is_f19.jpg and place that in the drive folder. (A link to your folder was sent to you via email.)

1.Your computer with documents and any photos you may have used for reference.
You will need it to complete your Learning Portfolio post during class as well.
2. Your sketchbook with drawings for the project.
3. 11×17″ print out of the time map project made in Illustrator
4. The mixed media version made by hand or with other digital components.
5. Related objects, and working materials (paints, etc.)
**You will use these items to show and talk about during the crit. The more you have, the better your presentation. The art should speak for itself before your verbal performance.

1. The definition of the memoir is often a historical account or biography written from personal knowledge or unique sources.
2.  Class Lectures lower portion of the page related to our mapping project
Excerpts from “Words as Material” by Nicole Fenton and portion under 1-memory-lane-what-rings-a-bell1.jpg
3. The prior posts for weeks 2 and 3 below.

During Class: The first hour of class will be dedicated to putting the final corrections on the assignment. (The project should be printed out ahead of time and ready for the start of class. Corrections can be made and resubmitted via the Drive folder.) The project will need to be finished in class by 10:00 am when the critique begins.
PROJECT CRIT-not to miss or you will fail the project

If you have questions or want me to review the work in progress for feedback, please email me and include a photo of your project.

I look forward to seeing the finals!

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