Week 3 – Memoir: Bridge #1, continued (Friday, 9/14)

Please finalize 1/3 of your time map project before coming to class. Review the project process, what to bring to class, and reference handouts and tutorial videos for Illustrator techniques below.

Review the Q and A link for answers to questions posed to me on the first day.

1. Take one of the seven thumbnail drawings you created in your sketchbook and complete it in a more finalized state.
2. Create a drawing to scale. The final output size will be 11″x17″. If you create the drawing half the size, it should be 5.5″x8.5″. The image can be vertical or horizontal.
3., Work on the drawing, photographs, mixed media, etc. as much as you like before bringing it into Illustrator to continue working on it. (or you can work on the print out after applying Illustrator.)
4. Scan the drawing and save it as a 300 dpi jpg in your project folder.
5. Use the instructional handout I gave you in class when you were working on the Illustrator practice project. Apply the appropriate steps to your final project.
6. Create an 11″x17″ document in Illustrator. “Place” the drawing as I showed you in class. 
At this point, if you have created 1/3 of the project you can leave the rest to work on in class. No matter what, you shouldn’t go too far with the project. Leave 2/3 for later. You can work on the Illustrator portion during class.

1.Sketchbook and making materials
2. Bring in personal photos and/or objects you will be working from during class.
3. Laptop with CC Illustrator installed

1.Tutorial Handouts on using Illustrator. For example, there is one on drawing buildings with shapes, lines, and colors at the bottom of the page. See #6.
2. Tutorial Videos on using Illustrator.

(For clarity and feedback please feel free to email me before class.)

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