Week 2 – Memoir: Bridge #1 (Friday, 9/7)

Please read and follow all instructions below

Assignment Example
Make a time map which takes you from home to New York City/Parsons and where you hope to go in the future.
Think about the place you wrote about from your hometown in Seminar and make an image of that as a location on your map. Think about a place you identify with now and another that you see yourself in the future and represent them visually.
What does the path or journey look like? What do you show us as you take us from place to place? How do you take us from place to place?
The final size will be 11″x17″.

(SKETCHBOOK ASSIGNMENT)  The sketchbook which came in your First Year Materials Kit is the small black book with blank pages. Canson 180 Degree Hardbound Sketchbook, 80 sheets, size = 8.3″x11.7″. You can work in this one or another of your choice.

1. *Please send me an image of your past work via email   bradshaa@newschool.edu. 
I will post your examples under “Past Student Work.“
2. Complete seven thumbnail drawings in your sketchbook Examples and definition are here on top of the Class Lectures Page. The images you create are your preliminary notes and visuals from which to chose your final composition. Note that thumbnail drawings are not tight and accurate. You are in the brainstorming stage at this point. You can use pencils, pens, color pencils, markers, etc. I will review the drawings at the start of class and we will make choices for your next stage together.

1.Sketchbook and drawing materials
2. Bring in personal photos and/or objects you will be working from during class
For example, photos of the people, places, things you will use as references. Objects that have personal, cultural, religious, literary, philosophical, psychological and or political references in the form of jewelry, ornaments, a family heirloom.
3. Laptop with CC Illustrator installed. You will start drawing in Adobe Illustrator this Friday. (Please don’t forget to have your batteries fully charged. There are not many plugs in the room. Also, you will be working for several hours and will not want your battery to die.)

The link to the assignment related images shown during our last class and much more can be found in Class Lectures.
Examples of thumbnails are followed by a post regarding the definition of mapping, data, and visual marks, abstraction, and categories, symbols, and representation, non-traditional maps, visual variables, and color.

(Please email me whenever you need)

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